indian jewelry
                  Apache Jewelry
                  Apache Indian jewelry is characterized
                  by large semi-precious gemstones and
                  precious metals including silver, brass
                  gold and platinum. Bone and shell are
                  often used, and the traditional Apache
                  Indian choker is composed of bone.

                  Silver jewelry made by the Apache
                  Indian jewelry maker contains much
                  intricate engravings of important Indian
                  symbols. These symbols often tell a
                  story and may represent a successful
                  event or warrior.

                  Apache Tears is a traditional jewelry
                  composed of black obsidian
                  or onyx. It represents 75 Apache
                  Indian warriors who died following
                  a battle with the U.S. Calvary
                  in 1870. The tear drops symbolize
                  the tears shed by their families.
                Apache Warrior on horse
                  Apache Indian necklaces are usually big and bold with large
                  stones, frequently turquoise, opal, coral, and magnesite. They
                  may have a symbol worked into precious metal with inlays of
                  gems such as coral and turquoise. Copyright 2012
                    An Apache woman
                    wearing a native
                    bone choker.