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                Cherokee Jewelry  
                Copper was an important trade item for the Cherokee
                Indians, well before the arrival of the Europeans. Their
                villages were near large copper mines, and therefore,
                knew how to mine copper and to work it using a cold-
                hammer method.

                They used copper to make Indian jewelry designs, arrow
                points, tools, and cooking utensils.

                When Europeans arrived on the continent, the Cherokee
                traded copper for the items they needed, such as those
                made of silver, iron and steel.

                Silver jewelry smithing replaced  the “cold hammer”
                method of making metal jewelry, and the colorful and
                durable Czech seed beads brought by the Europeans
                became an important ingredient in Cherokee jewelry.

                Cherokee Indian jewelry makers today usually
                incorporate colorful seed beads into necklace designs.
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                Among today's native jewelry makers are Andrea and
                Mary Tidwell, who make traditional Cherokee beaded
                necklaces. (Available in our online shop).
                Cherokee boy dancing in full Cherokee Indian costume