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                  Learn a Few Cherokee Words

                  1) To Hear Cherokee Syllabary Sounds Click Word Above That Looks Like This:

                  2) Next, Click the Green "Learn the Syllabary" and Click Each Syllabary Symbol
                  You Want To Hear

                  LISTEN TO WORDS
                  1) To Hear Cherokee Words For Plants, Animals, or Illustrations, Place Your Mouse
                  Pointer Over Each Image to Click Your Choice.

                  2) Then, Click the Green "Learn Animal Names" or "Learn Plant Names"

                  and Point Mouse Arrow on Cherokee Letters in the Upper Corner and Click
                  To Hear Sound. Click Green Arrows To See More.

                  To Restart: Click This Image Located on Top Left of Page:
                  Place your mouse arrow over the Cherokee symbols,
                  the Tree, the lion and the Indian pictures below. See
                  Additional Directions Below.