indian jewelry

                Native Jewelry Maker- Cheyenne Harris, Navajo

                Working in a highly contemporary, non-figurative style, she creates purely geometric forms and incorporates few
                stones, emphasizing instead the qualities of the metals by fusing fourteen or eighteen karat gold onto sterling
                silver hollowforms. Copyright 2012

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                  Cheyenne Harris initially learned jewelry techniques
                  from her mother, Roberta Multine Tso, who had studied
                  traditional Navajo silversmithing with Kenneth Begay at
                  Navajo Community College in Many Farms, Arizona.
                  Harris took a jewelrymaking class her senior year of
                  high school and later studied at Arizona State
                  University in Tempe, Haystack Mountain School of
                  Crafts in Deer Isle, Maine, and the University of
                  Massachusetts in North Dartmouth.
                  Harris is intrigued by architecture, art, design and
                  history, and reflects these areas of study in her jewelry.