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            Native Writer Orelando White, Navajo

            Orlando White was born in Tólikan, Arizona and is from the Dine (Navajo) tribe of the Naaneesht'ézhi Tábaahí
            and born for the Naakai Diné'e. White holds a BFA in creative writing from the Institute of American Indian
            Arts (IAIA) and an MFA from Brown University. His debut book is “Bone Light.” His writing dissects language
            with surgical and magical precision.

            White peels back our assumptions like a skin and gives us the irradiated, irreducible light of the bone." His friend
            and fellow poet Sherwin Bitsui says of White's work "glimmers with Dine notions of 'thought creating thought'
            while re-configuring language into floating archipelagos of states which mutate into flashes of images that
            compel and startle. His work then peels forth a new perception of what language might be if we eliminate our own
            desires to maintain stasis in a changed world."

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              Orelando White