indian jewelry
                  Navajo Jewelry

                  The Navajo Indian Nation is
                  considered to be the largest
                  producer of Native American
                  silversmiths and fine-art
                  jewelers in North America.

                  Jewelry made by Navajo Indians,
                  who refer to themselves as
                  Dineh, include styles of
                  sandcast pieces of silver with
                  turquoise, and die stamping on
                  silver and gold.

                  They are famous for their naja
                  pendants and squash blossom
                  bead jewelry and necklaces.

                  Navajo Indians also have a
                  tradition of creating hollow
                  silver jewelry beads, and silver
                  and turquoise jewelry including
                  necklace designs, bracelets and

                  Navajo silverwork is
                  characterized by an emphasis on
                  the silver, with turquoise
                  sometimes used merely to
                  enhance the beauty of the metal.
                Both Navajo Indian women and the men create and wear strings
                turquoise beads. Navajo Indians portray ancient and sacred designs in
                their jewelry, many ideas coming from Indian sand paintings and
                ceremonial symbols. Copyright 2012
                Navajo boy wearing indian jewelry