indian jewelry
                  Santo Domingo Indians

                  The Santo Domingos are very well
                  known for there bead jewelry and
                  especially turquoise bead jewelry.

                  They are the leading producer of
                  the sliced handmade flat circular
                  beads known as heishi. Some heishi
                  necklaces contain over 10,000
                  beads so finely cut they look like
                  strands of hair.

                  Other than Santo Domingo beads,
                  its artists are also famous for
                  inlaid pieces, often featuring
                  turquoise on shell bases, and for
                  slab jewelry of both genuine and
                  chalk (reconstituted) gemstone,
                  mainly turquoise tab earrings.

                  Santo Domingo jewelry made today
                  is very similar to Anasazi jewelry
                  foundin digs at Chaco Canyon and
                  Mesa Verde.

                  Some of the jewelry found in these digs is more than a thousand years
                  old.Santo Domingo jewelry is famous for its hand-rolled turquoise heishi
                  beads. These Beads are very fine, some of the best heishi on the market.

                  The Santo Domingo Pueblo is located near the located near the original
                  Cerrillos turquoise mines, and the people have a distinguished history of
                  jewelry making. Copyright 2012