Indian Jewelry title
                  Zuni Native Jewelry

                  Zuni artists set mosaics of turquoise in shell, wood and bone
                  to wear as ornaments. This historic background, plus the
                  influence of Mexican design and the extra time afforded by a
                  more sedentary life, brought forth an intricate and elaborate
                  type of silver work.

                  Silver lost its importance with the Zunis, except as a base
                  to hold stone sets. Small stones, known as snake eyes and
                  needlepoints, with scores or There is extensive use of jet,
                  coral and shell, as well as turquoise.

                  The Shalako ceremony forms the basis of much of Zuni
                  jewelry design. A later development is Zuni inlay (stones
                  fitted to each other) and channel-work (stones inlaid but
                  outlined in silver).

                  The stones are cut to fit open designs in the silver, and then
                  polished flush to the outer surface of the silver. Copyright
                Zuni girl wearing Indian jewelry in 1900